OUR STAFF HAS OVER 40 years in developing a traditional design practice that responds to and influences its functional environment. We are committed to developing outdoor spaces that reflect and complement their surroundings and serve the people who use them. We bring a range of interests and expertise together around our passion to create experientially rich, inspiring and enduring spaces that are environmentally sustainable.

Our work takes us on a wide range of landscape scales, from open rural to city, and from campus to garden. Our work ranges from local to regional projects, and our experience also encompasses urban parks, natural areas, large mixed-use projects as well as a variety of commercial, residential, institutional, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure and wayfinding developments. Regardless of scale, thoughtful, attractive, and sustainable design solutions engage people, improve functionality, fit their context, enhance property values and bring back the greatest return on investment.

By employing innovative approaches, tempered with experience, and adding contemporary place-making practices, we bring a fresh approach to the design table. Our design process combines knowledge of history and tradition with fluency in the contemporary landscape dialogue. We bring our mastery of construction experience when considering the latest technologies and innovations.

We work closely with our clients’ goals and using a multi-discipline approach, we determine specific project requirements. Through continuing collaboration, open communication, creative thinking and the effective management of numerous and diverse sub-consultants, we produce landscape architecture of the highest level; functional, sustainable, inspiring and cost-effective spaces that foster a sense of place while the ability to stand the test of time.

Areas of expertise: 

Urban Landscape
Downtown revitalization, waterfronts, streetscape, Expositions and Urban plazas.

Heritage Landscape
Museums, gardens, rural residential estates and streetscapes.

Tennis clubs, waterfronts, hotels, campgrounds, trailer parks, retreats and golf courses.

Parks and Recreation
Provincial and Municipal Parks, botanical and peace gardens, conservation areas, community and recreational centres plus multi-purpose sports facilities.  

Office Buildings, mall complexes, business parks, shopping centres, manufacturing facilities and restaurants.

Apartment/condominium complexes, rural estate and private residential developments, infill and multi-family townhouse developments.

Religious buildings, cultural and civic centres, cemeteries, hospitals, schools and campuses.

Wayfinding & Interpretive Signage
Trail Systems, institutional, commercial facilities and municipal Gateway projects

Graphic/Corporate Image Designs
Commercial facilities and municipal BIA organizations